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The world is full of people who just piss me off to no end. Of the lot, there is a theme that seems to flow between them all. To one extreme or ther other, they are not open. They don't see the point in trying to be honest with each other.

As many people who have wandered around my site very much have come to find out, I try very hard to hit the mark and be very up front with people. My life, my divorce, etc. have all driven home the fact that brutal honesty may well hurt up front, but it's a whole lot easier to live with down the road.

Most of my life, I've been one of those "trys to get along with everybody" types that everybody hates. Having known both sides of this for some time, recently it was put together by yet another brutally honest person. Why suffer the personal ills of ulsers and the like from hating what you are doing to "please everybody", when folks are just going to hate you for it?

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