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spacer As has been noted in my background section, I have been in the process of a divorce. As any who have went through this experience, it can be a massively trying time. In my own case, I've found a couple of resources that have been of help. The first and foremost of these is the local chapter of Beginning Experiences, a group dedicated to helping those suffering from the affects of divorce, separation, widowing, or other significant losses.

One of the most helpful things this group has brought to my attention is a method of journaling they call Hot Penning. I personally have used this method to help to work out some of the emotional issues, personal turmoil, and to help plan for the future. Below, you will find links to several of my journal entries. Some of these reflect differing views on my life, marriage, and subsequent life. Please do not be put off by this. It simply reflects that I am a changing person. The differing views are simply "me" at different times.

I'd like to say good-bye...

The first glimmer of hope

A Pillow

Lessons at an Air Show

Road Trip

Stages of Grief

On Betrayal

Dats All, Next Please

More information about Beginning Experiences can be found at their web site. For any and all who have experienced some sort of loss and need help to work through the grief process, I strongly recommend it.

Books for Those in Divorce

Here are a couple of the best books I've found going through my Divorce. Some may not seem "on topic", but after studying them, reading what others have said, etc., most are. Feel free to visit Amazon.Com and pick these up for yourself.

Rebuilding when Relationships End, by Bruce Fisher et.al. This is the first book that was recommended to me upon my entering the divorce process. It was a real eye opening experience, and even though I did not want the divorce that I eventually went through, this book helped me substantially.

This book tries to get everybody, especially parents, to take a look at the "big picture" and to avoid confrontation over the "little things" that really don't matter. Don

The New Creative Divorce : How to Create a Happier, More Rewarding Life During-And After-Your Divorce, by Mel Krantzler (Ph.D.) and Pat Krantzler (M.A.) This is yet another book on the divorce process that I've acquired through the course of my own divorce. It outlines methods for trying to use the energy expended through the divorce process for helping you to creatively grown and expand your sense of self worth.

Web Resources for the Divorced

Below are links to those web resources that I've found to be of interest. Enjoy!

These are some web rings that I found interesting, rather than the usual "These are my beautiful kids, arn't they great!" kinds of sites. Some are quite inspiring/uplifting.

Although a bit fundamentalist, Divorce Care is an organization with a local chapter that I've went to. They have a rather complete bookstore and offer, for a very modest fee, a multi-week course on working through the various stages of the divorce. The approach of most of their short videos and the accompanying work book is quite religious, but does cover the bases.

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