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bar Aug 6, 2020
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spacer Religion is a word that many shy away from these days. Many think that it is an outmoded, out of vogue, useless set of rules in today's modern life. There is an entire "separation of church and state" movement going on that implies that the two should have nothing to do with one another.

This is clearly untenable to any who have put any real thought into the matter. How you think about things is firmly rooted in what you believe. You can no more separate a person's religion from their being any easier than you can separate the way they breathe air.

Most religions set a moral standard for behavior between one another and for ourselves. As a Catholic, my own religion stresses that I should love my creator first, and then love my neighbor as myself.

In addition, my religion sets a moral code in place for my personal conduct, with my community, my family, and for myself that is, at times, very hard to live up to. The "Ten Commandments" are not just prohibitions against killing, committing adultery, etc, but they are positive encouragements for me to ACT to help my neighbor keep his life, to help my neighbor protect his wife, etc. In short, we are called upon to have more than just "faith alone." More than to "just believe." We must ACT.

In a world that seems to be running out of good natured or helpful people, religion points the way towards a future better than our present. If we only accept both the prohibitory and positive nature of the Ten Commandments, and ACT upon them, our world can become a better place.

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