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spacer Many people insist on declaring themselves either "pro-life" or "pro-choice," as if there is a difference. It is my contention that you can be both.

Being Catholic, I firmly believe that life, new life, begins at conception. But personally, I think it goes further than that. Life exists. From the moment the first human took the first breath, life has existed. When a man and woman conceive a new little life through God's grace, it is not a diminishing of either of the parents. Nor is it an incomberance on anyone's rights.

Conception is simply a non-diminishing multiplication of life. Much as one candle can light thousands of other flames without itself growing any less bright, so is conception. Just as the candle doesn't change or alter itself in the process, so life really doesn't "start". It magestically, mysterically, continues.

So, in short, you'd probably label me "pro-life," and to the degree the label fits, I guess I'd say that's ok.

But I am also "pro-choice". It is the parents of any conception's CHOICE to have sex in the first place. If a couple is not ready to bear the responsibility of having a child, if they are not commited to each other (through the bonds of marriage), if they are not able to improve that child's life over their own, don't have sex. It is really that simple of a choice.

You are a human, not an animal. You can choose when to have the sex that might lead to a child being conceived. If done under the appropriate circumstances, this "splitting of the flame" can bring great joy to the parents, the Church, and God.

If not, there are a number of organizations to help. The sad bredth of this list attests to lots of folks just not choosing wisely.

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