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spacer There are a number of people with excellent web sites up describing what their faith believes about various topics. Not to be out done, nor in fact to let my voice not be heard, here is my pitch for my faith, that of the Roman Catholic Church.

Being Catholic does not mean that you have to give up anything that is truly good in the world. It does not mean blind obedience to bad men who abuse children. Being Catholic means to follow a way of life set down in times of and by the author of life, Jesus Christ.

It is a continuation of the old covenant between the God first revealed to the Jews, fullfilled in the person of Jesus Christ, and extended by him into the new covenant that the Catholic Church has kept alive in both the oral and written traditions of the Church.

Beyond that, it is the stem from which so many different religions seem to have fallen. Usually by tossing out various aspects of Catholicism that they didn't like, or thought were too restrictive, often without paying heed to the fact that the Catholic Church is the one and only group still promoting the direct words of Jesus Christ from the time OF Jesus Christ...therefore the only church with the authority to do so.

In my own upbringing as a Catholic youth, to my current attempts to learn more about my faith a number of different topics have come up. Some of the more interesting ones are outlined below:

Others on Catholicism

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