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spacer Below you will find links to various topics that I have written on. I do not claim by any means to be serious writer, just a guy with a word processor. However, some of my writings, indexed below, cover some very important topics that I've come to recognize in my life as meaning something to me. I hope you will take the time to see if they strike a cord within your life also.

  • On Faith was prompted by my attendance in Sunday school over the course of the fall and summer of 2004.
  • On Dating covers some of my experiences using on-line dating services, as well as some of the odder things that people are looking for and at as criteria for dating someone.
  • On Divorce, covering the entire gambit of emotions, sterilized experiences from my own divorce, and various web resources about divorce.
  • Journal Entries, for the flotsam and jetsam of things floating around in my head .
  • My Rants about all of the things in life that just make me fume. Note, all of these should be taken with a gain of salt.
  • Words are the coin in which we exchange ideas. These words, much like Sniglets defined by Rich Hall, are goofy and fun.
  • The Afterlife came into focus after watching a few movies. Weird, but true.
  • Gossip is a major form of interpersonal poison, much worse than virtually any bio-toxin that man has yet to create or cure.
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