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Convert a Numeric Field into a Dollar Value
bar Aug 6, 2020
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spacer Contained within this page is a JavaScript utility to convert a given numeric value into a "dollar amount". In short, this converts




This function is based on the math routines available through your browser. Hence it is limited to dealing with values in the +- (2**32)-1 (typically) on most of the "newer" browsers.

Furthermore, int2dollars() has to additional arguments for prefixing and suffixing negative values (such as a <font...> tag to turn the value red). Within this script there is a function "doit()" that exemplifies the calling conventions. For the purposes of example, if you enter a negative value into the "number" field, the "doit()" invocation of int2dollars() will prepend and append an "x" to the value that will be written into the "dollars" field.

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