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Auto Tabing on Full Form Field
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spacer This page contains an experimental JavaScript module that will assist users who are normally "touch typist". I.e., when you fill up an 8 character input box, your cursor focus will be automatically tabbed to the next field.

Programming Considerations

Used in a web page, you must include the JavaScript in this page. Additionally, you must edit the script to change the form name to match your circumstances. Then, for every '<input type="text" ...>' and '<textarea ...>' text area, you must include a JavaScript call of the form:

        onKeyPress="autotab(weird, YYY)"

Where 'weird' is replaced with the form element name of this area in this given HTML element and 'YYY' is the 'maxlength' specification of the given '<input type="text" ...>' or is the result of 'rows' times 'cols' of the given '<textarea ...>' area.

Compatibility Issues

The only WWW browsers that this piece of code is known to work with are the 32-bit NetScape Navigator 4.0 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0.

field 1 (1 byte long)
field 2 (20 byte long)
textarea1 (40 byte long)

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