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spacer Over the years, I have created several "toys" for the web. Some of these things are fairly intricate JavaScript creations. Some are tools that I've developed into "examples". Feel free to examine, play with, etc. any and all of these. Please be warned that they are all AS IS and are not warented to be fit for any use what so ever.


Buzz Word Bingo cards look kinda simple, but there are several things in the JavaScript that make them unique. All of the phrases are stuffed into an array. Furthermore, the actual "table" is generated in a "card deck shuffle" manor. Look through it and see if it's understandable.

rpn.asp contains a Reverse Polish Notation calculator. I've not dolled it up with graphic buttons, DHTML, etc., nor have I added all of the math functions that exist in JavaScript. It could easily be taken that direction, but this was more of a test bed for me to deal with function evaluation.


passthru.asp is an ASP page that I've found useful in developing web applications. It can be placed "in the path" of an oncoming POST or GET data stream and will fully decode it to your browser. Then, if you have configured it correctly by adding a hidden variable into your forms, it will allow the data to then be passed through to the original "destination" without modification.

stasp.asp is a kissing cousin of passthru.asp. stasp.asp is an end point for a web form. Unlike passthru however, stasp.asp dumps the entire ASP web server environment derived from the ASP environment back to the browser.

pop_up_new_browser.asp fires up a new browser to the URL of your choice.

Form Validators

CKfilledOut.asp contains a JavaScript form validator that determines if the entire form has been filled out.

CKint.asp contains a JavaScript form validator that determines if a given field is an integer, and optionally, if it is in a given range.

CKminFilled.asp contains a JavaScript form validator that determines if the minimal number of fields are filled out. This script is very similar to CKfilledOut.asp above.

CKreset.asp is useful to keep folks from reseting a very complicated form.


autotab.asp allows for touch typist to automatically flow into the next available text field when the current one is "full".

int2dollar.asp converts regular numeric values into "proper accounting representations of monetary values". GACK!

quotes.js displays random quotes from a file.

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