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Writings, stories, journal entries, rants, and other written verbage written or collected by Roland Stolfa

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

On Faith
Writings on my Catholic faith and what it means to me

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onCatholicism.aspCreated on 20041004   -  Similar Pages

On Religion
About The Catholic Faith

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onCatholicism/religion.aspCreated on 20041004   -  Similar Pages

About begin "Pro-Life" and personal choices

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onCatholicism/proLife.aspCreated on 20041004   -  Similar Pages

Dating Again
Various stories and thoughts about dating again, after 15 years out of circulation, now, in the 2002 era.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDating.aspCreated on 20021113   -  Similar Pages

What Are You Looking For?
Some real gems of dating drivel from some of the services I've visited.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDating/lookingFor.aspCreated on 20021113   -  Similar Pages

Dating Service Comparisons
A guy's perspective on what dating services provide

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDating/servComp.aspCreated on 20021113   -  Similar Pages

On Divorce
Various writings on my recent divorce. I try to cover the experience, the emotions involved, and what I've learned.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Letting Go
Saying good bye to my wife, our marriage, the dreams, etc. was some of the hardest things I had to do.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/letting_go.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

First Hope
Hope was one of the first things to go as my divorce came into focus. It was also one of the first things to come back.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/hope1.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A Pillow
Being able to get a full nights sleep was hard at first. I missed my EX, even though she'd hurt me so. Still, I missed her...

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/pillow.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Air Show
I have learned...recently divorced folks shouldn't go to big PDA inducing events, like air shows.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/airshow.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Road Trip
It's hard to type on a laptop and drive. But you can still snag your thoughts in a tape recorder.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/roadTrip.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Grief Stages
All forms of grief tend to have the same stages of grief. Nobody had ever talked about this stuff before.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/stages.aspCreated on 20000523   -  Similar Pages

Betrayal is a big topic for most divorced folks. In my case, it seemed to be more of an all out conspiracy.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/betrayal.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Dats All
I have to say good bye to the divorce topic. It's just 'time'.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce/datsall.aspCreated on 20020320   -  Similar Pages

Journal Entries
Journal entries on various topics.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/journal.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Journal Entry, 20001205, marriage

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/journal/20001205.aspCreated on 20001205   -  Similar Pages

Journal Entry, 20001209, marriage

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/journal/20001209.aspCreated on 20001209   -  Similar Pages

Journal Entry, 20010424, marriage

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/journal/20010424.aspCreated on 20010424   -  Similar Pages

Journal Entry, 20010923, marriage

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/journal/20010923.aspCreated on 20010923   -  Similar Pages

Journal Entry, 20021121, kids and divorce, hollidays

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/journal/20021121.aspCreated on 20021121   -  Similar Pages

Roland's Random Rants is a page where I vent and fume about various things that tick me off.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/rants.aspCreated on 20001009   -  Similar Pages

Fun/funny words I've found definitions to in email, on the web, etc.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/words.aspCreated on 20010315   -  Similar Pages

Every major religion has a viewpoint on the afterlife experience. Here are my views.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/afterlife.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

After reading a recent addition to my library, I've come to understand gossip as an evil we can all live without.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/gossip.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Spam, in all of it's forms, is evil.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/spam.aspCreated on 20030423   -  Similar Pages

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