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Let me introduce my little family. There is my oldest daughter, Tori and her two main annoyances, Kevin and David. They are my pride and joy.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family.aspCreated on 20010301   -  Similar Pages

Roland's unabashed self promotion page. Ok, web site tree, but hey, it's my web site.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/rjs.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Professional Background
Roland's Professional Background. Read Rèsumè

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/rjs/professionally.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Educational Background
Roland's Educational Background

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/rjs/education.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Personal Background
Roland's Personal History

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/rjs/personally.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Roland's Web Enabled Friends

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/rjs/friends.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Other Websites
Other Web Sites Roland has Worked On

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/rjs/websites.aspCreated on 20020430   -  Similar Pages

Tori's Page
Tori's background page.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/tori.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Kevin's Page
Kevin's background page.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/kevin.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

David's Page
David's background page.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/david.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

These are some of the events in our lives. Most of the older stuff either migrates into the writings section or just falls off into the bit bucket.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/family/events.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

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