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Cryptography, the art of securing data. It is a politically touchy subject these days to say, but I do believe that there are things that should remain secret.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt.aspCreated on 20020213   -  Similar Pages

Caesar Shift
A modified Caesar Shift algorithym is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/charShift.aspCreated on 20020214   -  Similar Pages

Rail Fence
An example Rail Fence cipher is presented

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/railFence.aspCreated on 20020215   -  Similar Pages

An example of the Playfair diagraph encryption routines is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/playfair.aspCreated on 20020405   -  Similar Pages

Jefferson Wheel
A variant on the Jefferson Wheel Cipher

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/jefferson.aspCreated on 20020503   -  Similar Pages

Public Key
Various paper and pencil public key ciphers are covered

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/publicKey.aspCreated on 20020503   -  Similar Pages

A simple enigma system is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/enigma.aspCreated on 20020227   -  Similar Pages

One Time Pad
A simple one time pad generator is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/crypt/oneTimePad.aspCreated on 20020305   -  Similar Pages

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