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On Divorce
Various writings on my recent divorce. I try to cover the experience, the emotions involved, and what I've learned.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/writings/onDivorce.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Single Parenting tips, resources, etc. abound on the net. Here's some of the best that I've found.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/living/parenting.aspCreated on 20010228   -  Similar Pages

Site Credits
Giving credit where credit, inspiration, and perspiration are due. This web site, much like virtually every other one, is a synergy of all of those web sites that the author has been exposed to.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

You Too?
To provide some general guidance for others trying to put together a web page. You'll listen to Uncle Roland if you want something that will not repulse your visitors.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/you2.aspCreated on 20010509   -  Similar Pages

Books that I've found useful for working with my web site.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/books.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Free Stuff
Useful free (or cheap) stuff I've found on the web. These are the things that I use day in and day out both in my 9-5 job, as well as most of my contract work.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/free.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Useful Web Services. Imagine it! There are some useful things out there. Of course you have to wade through a bunch of crap also, but here I've taken some of the crap out of the way for you. Enjoy!

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/services.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Tutorials either I've written or found on the web. Ok, more found than written, but I'll get to it real soon now...

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/tutorials.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

First Style
First 'style' of Redline

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/laf0.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Second Style
Second 'style' of Redline

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/laf1.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Third Style
Third 'style' of Redline

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/laf2.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Fourth Style
Fourth 'style' of Redline

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/laf3.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Fifth Style
Fifth 'style' of Redline

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/laf4.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Sixth Style
Sixth 'style' of Redline

http://redline.webamphibian.com/credits/laf5.aspCreated on 20020214   -  Similar Pages

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