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JavaScript and DHTML Toys for your amusement

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

BuzzWord Bingo
A JavaScript based buzz word bingo card generator. Don't attend another boring meeting without one. Be the first to jump up and yell "BINGO".

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/bwbingo.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript Reverse Polish Notation Calculator is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/rpn.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript form submission transmission snooping tool

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/passthru.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A ASP server side environment dump tool is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/stasp.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

The JavaScript to pop up a new browser is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/pop_up_new_browser.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript form validation assistant is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/CKfilledOut.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript form validation assistant is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/CKint.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript form validation assistant is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/CKminFilled.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript form submission validator is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/CKreset.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript touch typing assistant for tabbing into the next available field is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/autotab.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

A JavaScript field validator is presented.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/int2dollar.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

Random Quote Generator. When last surveyed, this one has about 400 quotes that I like. Enjoy!

http://redline.webamphibian.com/toys/quotes.aspCreated on 20010301   -  Similar Pages

New Names
Convert your name into something 'else'. Hopefully something funny.

http://redline.webamphibian.com/fun/names.aspCreated on 20000203   -  Similar Pages

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