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spacer This page is simply a dumping ground for the web presence of various local businesses. Taken another way, it gives you a little of the flavor of what it is like to live in Stillwater Oklahoma.

City Map A city map, courtesy of Yahoo's map service.
Stillwater Convention and Visitors Bureau A good starting place for things Stillwater
Chamber of Commerce The local city government's web site.
Carmike10 What's playing at the local Carmike-10 Cinema.
KWTV Channel 9 The local broadcast CBS station (out of Oklahoma City)
KOCO Channel 5 The local broadcast ABC station (out of Oklahoma City)
KFOR Channel 4 The local broadcast NBC station (out of Oklahoma City)
OETA Channel 13 The local broadcast PBS station (out of Oklahoma City)
Jack and Ron Jack and Ron are a couple of radio personalities. They have a morning show on KYIS FM 98.9 out of (can you guess it here) Oklahoma City.
St. Francis Xavior
St. John
St. Francis and St. John are the two local Catholic churches here in Stillwater. St. John's doubles as the University Student Center for OSU.
What can I say? O.S.U. is where I spent thirteen years of my life. Between finishing up my undergraduate degree, getting my Masters, marrying my no ex wife, having three kids, etc., O.S.U. has been a central focus of a big chunk of my life.
Stillwater Hobbies This is the web site of Stillwater's only full-time hobby store. We have a couple of other "crafts" stores ( Hobby Lobby, AquaMart and the like), but this one actually sells R/C boats, cars, planes, and support gear.
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