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Books for Parents

Here are a couple of books I've found useful since my Divorce. Some may not seem "on topic", but after studying them, reading what others have said, etc., most are. Feel free to visit Amazon.Com and pick these up for yourself.

Really important stuff my kids have taught me, by Cynthia Copeland Lewis This is a really cute book that relates some of the wisdom of children, in their own words. It really lends credence to the idea that "out of the mouths of babes" comes wisdom that knows few bounds.

This book outlines what the author believes to be the five ways that everybody communicates love. Part of the premiss of the book is that even though we speak the language of love that we wish to receive, most if not all of us are in relationships with people who do not speak our love language. Thus, we do not feel loved. The goal of this book is to help "fix" this problem by teaching a way in which we can communicate better. The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages of Children, by Gary Chapman This is a follow on book to The Five Love Languages that targes how parents can use the Five Love Languages for showing children that you love them.

This book tries to get everybody, especially parents, to take a look at the "big picture" and to avoid confrontation over the "little things" that really don't matter. Don

The Complete Life I have the smaller paper back versions that are compiled in this one big, leather bound, edition. In these books, H. Jackson Brown Jr. attempts to do something really quite special. He tries to pass along to his children some of the overlooked instructions for living a good life that schools and churches do not state. They are definitely a good read if you are wondering where you went wrong.

This small book is meant to give the reader a small taste of the mental study and life vantage point that is Zen. Often a bit hard to grasp, the ideals behind the book are worth investigation. The Little Zen Companion, by David Schiller

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child, by Judy Ford This is a cute book that encourages parents to have stimulating expressions of love with their children. Such stimulation is thought to help the kids (almost as much as the parents) to develop a good and healthy family bond.

This book has some interesting, educational things you can do with your kids that does NOT involve sitting in front of the TV. 365 TV-Free Activities You Do With Your Child, by Steve and Ruth Bennett

365 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Child, by Steven and Ruth Bennett This book has some interesting, educational things you can do with your kids for the more outdoor-minded.

In this book, a different view of the world is presented. As a general "eye opener", this book serves well. Categorizing "gossip" as "black magic" might seem a bit out of place, but after reading this small book, you might at least see some of where it can apply. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

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