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spacer These URLs are links to actual manufacturers of things that I've used, bought, or at least believe might provide useful information on common hardware bits.

PC Specifications

  • A Mr. Aad Offerman has a chip list that details the CPU part numbers of various PCs thru history.
  • Computercraft has several documents on such topoics as
    • Assembling a PC
    • Installing a hard disk drive
    • Repairing mice
    • PS2 160 series error codes
    • PS2 FAQ

PC Hard Disk Drives

  • Maxtor offers a variety of hard disk drives for PCs.
  • Quantum also sells hard disk drives.
  • Seagate makes a variety of hard disk drives. They've also recently bought out Conner, so most of Conner's data and web site are expected to move here sometime soon.
  • Western Digital makes a variety of hard disk drives.
PC Hardware Vendors

PC Software Vendors

  • Novell has a yes page that lists all registered software known to work with Novell.
  • Award makes a variety of BIOS systems for various chip sets.
Software, Shareware, Etc.

Let's face it, a vanilla PC running a vanilla OS is, well, vanilla. Below are a few of the packages that I've found both uses for and www/ftp sites to serve them up.

  • The Clarkson Packet Drivers allow a wide variety of hardware to communicate using the TCP/IP protocol suite.
  • NCSA Telnet/FTP package provides all of the user level programs to access the TCP/IP protocol suite, such as the telnet and ftp commands.
  • KERMIT is a serial line data transfer protocol (and terminal emulator) that has been available for downloading from the OSU COMSC Dept.'s server for quite some time. Recently, it was removed as the folks at Columbia University (it's home site) started offering it packaged as msvibm.zip.
  • Who hasn't heard of 'ZIP files'? Well, the WinZip package is the tool for creating and unpacking these types of file archives.
  • lview is a GIF/JPEG/+more image viewer.
PC Uses

There is really only one GOOD use for a PC. That is to run Linux.

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