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spacer These WWW sites deal with games, mostly 'paper and pencil' or 'card' games.

  • The Game Cabinet has a number of game rules posted. Specifically, there are some traditional games that I find fun to pull out at various gatherings.
  • 3M Games chronicals several "book shelf games" put out by the 3M Corporation. One that I loved while at junior college was Twixt.
  • Steve Jackson Games produces a large number of games, such as Car Wars that I've found entertaining over the years.
  • The Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game.
  • BoneGames is happy to bring you high quality, freely available, games. We hope you enjoy our games. Most of our games deal with strategy and decisions not unlike those of military commanders engaged in a most thermal campaign.
  • The rec.puzzles archives are full of interesting tidbits.
  • Fat Messiah Games sell a variety of board and RPG games.
  • Looney Labs have a number of interesting "pocket" sized games. I keep a couple of them in my desk draw at work for the occasional lunch time challenge.
  • Cheapass Games have a number of card/strategy games that are quite fun to play, quick to learn, and CHEAP.
There are several computer games that I try to keep up on. Most of these are of the Infocom variety (ie, text adventure/puzzle games). Some of these are thus related:
  • The XYZZYnews home page is the source for several ezines on Interactive Fantasy games.
  • Jumbo Shareware provides a list of shareware and freeware computer games and utilities.
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