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spacer Early in my life, I had a serious interest in Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). About all the further that this got (at the time) was to build a Radio Shack P-Box kit (red plastic box with 0.2-0.3 inch perfboard holes in the red half and a clear half with the parts to the kit and the instructions inside) Three Way Code Practice Oscillator (#28-105), and to buy the Radio Shack code practice key and audio tape.

Well, without much to listen to, this was dull, so I bought the Radio Shack P-Box Three Transistor Short Wave Radio (#28-110). As a seperate learning experience, I really did enjoy putting these P-Box kits together. This worked quite well, until the first time a storm ripped up my cheap antena.

As was the case with almost all of my early projects, I lacked the money and determination to make anything 'big' become of it. This state of affairs continued until I went to the Green Country Ham Fest and Computer Swap Meet on March 23, 1996 in Tulsa Ok. There, after ditching many pounds of personal computer stuff, I found myself the winner of the door prize, an Alinco DJ-180T VHF FM Tranceiver.

Well, on May 12, 1996, I completed and passed the Novice and Technician license tests given by the local W5YI-VEC group here in Stillwater OK. On May 17'th, I found out, via Gordon's checking the Callsign Database Server, that my callsign is KC5UNL.

HAM Organizations

  • Stillwater Amateur Radio Club is one of our local HAM radio clubs. It operates the 145.350- 2M repeater here in Stillwater OK.
  • The OSU Ham Radio Club, W5YJ, operates a 2M repeater on 146.715-
  • There are two other 'known' repeaters in Stillwater: K5FVL @ 147.255+ and K5FVL @ 444.900+
  • American Radio Relay League, Inc. is the principal club for HAM radio enthusiasts.
  • Federal Communications Commission is the principal governing body over the hobby.
  • Alinco Electronics.
  • Airwaves provides a FCC Search engine for the Engineering Database. This covers the more commercial side of the callsign system.
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