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spacer Many of the books that I've read of late indicate that it is a good idea for everyone to live life to it's fullest. I whole heartedly agree and have for years. To those ends, I have developed a number of interests/hobbies that have been a part of my life.


Since I've become a single father, I've been trying to adjust my life to this new role. Collected here are some of my recommended resources.


Every day living requires every day finances. You cannot buy much of anything without facing the consequences of having to pay for it. Whether it be a car, a house, or just getting out of debt, the folks over at the Motley Fool can help.

Let's face it. If you ask any child "would you like to play a game with me?", more than likely they will say yes. I think this echoes a deep seated need among many humans to interact in a fun and social environment. Whether it is playing cards, bowling, etc., games are fun. And everybody can use a bit more fun in life.

One of the more interesting groups I'm currently involved in is the Society for Creative Anachronisms, or S.C.A. The local group's web site is a virtual gold mine of information (and links) about all things S.C.A.

Other, more traditional games, may include fantasy role playing games or FRPG's. I've played a number of these over the years and still enjoy them today.


Given I have three young kids, all with an ongoing sense of hunger that just never quits, I do a bunch of cooking. Finding things that these three will eat is quite another trick. By following my recipes link, you will find some of the things that I have been able to get them to eat.

Also of note there are several places on the web that have recipes to offer.

Father's World

The World Wide Web

As might be seen from my site credits page, I have found creating web pages to be a bit interesting. Given that:

  • As there are a number of sites that are willing to host your web site for free.
  • Several sites have tutorials on web page creation.
  • There are a number of good books on web technologies.

This is a fun interest/hobby that virtually anyone with internet access can participate in. As has been seen on The Worst of the Web however, you should be careful to control yourself somewhat.

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