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spacer What follows are a list of fantasy gaming systems, organizers, and others that I've found on the net. Some of these I've used, others are just here "because".

Wizards of the Coast These are the current holders of the venerable D&D trademarks made famous by Gary Gygax. I played many a fine D&D and AD&D game in college, wrote several modules and world settings that I and a buddy ran many an unsuspecting person through, and really had more fun than any average geek should be allowed to with this.
Dominion Games These folks have a "Open Game License" concept game called "Dominion Games" that is a framework for running RPG's within. Currently, they also publish a "module" called Gwenil. Both are freely downloadable from their site.
Inform I guess I'll have to explain this one a bit. There once was a beloved game called "Zork". Many years passed. Now there is a thing called "Inform" that compiles a language into what is called "Z-Code" that can then be run to produce games that operate in much the same way as "Zork". This is the home site of the "Inform" compiler/runtime.

International Fantasy Gaming Society These folks play act fantasy encounters in real life. They dress up the part they are playing, use 20 acres of "setting" and take it from there. The only "downside" is that they have a national organization that "sanctions" games. Thus there are not too many of them.

Live Action Role Playing Association These folks play act fantasy encounters in real life. They do not require "dressing up", nor is there any national organization. They do have a membership fee and offer a magazine.

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