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spacer What would a home page be without the links that I think are fun? I've attempted to categorize these along various theme lines. If you detect any of them as dead, please let me know.

Fun - Pleasant

CardLady Cardlady (f.k.a. Card Central) - image
Smiling Hearts Smiling Hearts e-Cards - image
MIT Postcards MIT e-Postcards - image
Famous Birthdays Ever wonder who shares your birthday? This site has the answer.
Personality Tests Ever hear of Briggs-Meyers? Here are a couple of the more famous personality tests for your amusement. Check them out while in a cyber cafe and enjoy!
Best Movies The Best Movies of All Time

Fun - Funny

Dilbert All bow, Douglas Adams - imageWhat can be said about Dilbert? The jokes hit home too hard sometimes. The characters are all too recognizable (look at my logo for instance).
Buzzword Bingo Ever been stuck in a meeting with sales types? Or how about with the "boss" as he's trying to blow sunshine up your blank? My how that can suck. Well, this is my attempt at making things "better". First to yell "BINGO" releaves the stress.
Urban Legends Demystify Urban Legends Here - imageThis is a site devoted to collecting, categorizing, and archiving urban legends.
Illusions Hurt your brain/eyes here. - imageThis site contains research about illusions, how they affect the eye, and has a ton of cool things to look at.
Joke-a-Day - - imageThis site has both textual and spoken jokes, a new one each day. Enjoy.
Armor Value of a Sun 3/50 This site is an example of why Sun 3/50's are your best defense against office violence (and or why sysadmins keep lots of old hardware around their cubicles).
Goofy Names This page provides mechanisms to convert your real world name into something "else". Enjoy!

Fun - Weird

Blast Zone Given an address and a megaton range of weapon, this plots what will happen based on some government data.
The Onion For an irreverant view of the news... - imageThe Onion is an irreverent e-zine that pokes fun at everything.
Salon.Com - - imageSalon is a liberal e-zine that is quite popular in certain circles.
Joe Cartoon - - imageJoe Cartoon was "passed along" by a co-worker. It has some seriously sick animations that occasionally make me snicker a bit.
Hampster Dance ...what can I say? I don't know why it is funny, but as I take tech support calls, thinking about it makes me chuckle sometimes. Needs sound.

Fun - Personal

My Dilbert Life This is a compilation of various Dilbert email joke sheets that I've acquired over the years that relates more to me.
Dr. Seuss With apologies, a few stories/poems inspired by Dr. Seuss
FRPGs Fantasy Role Playing, gaming systems, etc.
Things Learned Excerpt from an email shipped to me by a friend...along with a few personal additions.
CS Obituary An all too sad obituary a friend emailed me.
Dreams A dream of life.
Real Programmers A summary of what "Real Programmers" are all about.

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