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spacer Over the years, I've developed a number of websites and web applications for various individuals. Some of these have faded into memory, others are more current works. Some of what I've done is little "tweaks" to work done by others. Others are 100% mine. In any case, some of my more public works include:

  • WheelDock is a web site that I put together over the course of about two (very intense) weeks for Mr. Rod Brakhage and Mr. Andrew Davison. It went live 200404070748 CST. Lots of reuse of the Redline site. Pictures are a collection of things taken by the owners.
  • VaxDesign is another Sciperio Inc. spin off. Lots of reuse of the Redline site.
  • BioAssembly Inc. is another Sciperio Inc. spin off. It uses a different sort of navigation system that I found on Dynamic Drive. Not sure I like how it came out, but it's ok.
  • nScrypt is a joint venture between my current employer, Sciperio Inc. and Spectra Technologies Inc.. The site went live 200210141400 CST. Lots of reuse of things from Redline including a slightly modified sitemap, etc. Graphics and general layout by Ms. Katrina Church.
  • Madision House Inn had a start of a design previously. However it was basically a dump out of Microsoft Word. Beyond being some really ugly code, it didn't have the general ideas of META tags, etc. in place yet.
  • OKC Beginning Experience is a local grief recovery group that I've become involved with. This is a version of the same support code that runs Redline, and as such operates very much like Redline.
  • Sciperio Inc. is where I work, 8-5. I maintain their web site as well as participate in it's evolution.
  • Doug Carston and Associates is one of the other production web sites that I've had a bit of a hand in developing. Most of their Customer Corner stuff was written by me.
  • TinkerBot.Com is another of my own web sites where I promote the hobby of robotics as an something the average Joe can do.
  • City of New York Sanitation Dept. uses a software package that I used to support at Esker Inc. (called Corridor) to provide the residents of the five boros notification of which days of the week their recylcing service would come by and pickup recycleables.

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