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Oklahoma State University

From 1988 to 1997, I was a Unix system administrator for Oklahoma State University, Computer Science Department for almost nine years. While working there, I published several papers in the proceedings of the USENIX organization. Among the later works is my paper on UAMS, the Universal Account Management System. This was an attempt to provide a way to manage multiple user accounts across a wide variety of computers in a university environment. It was presented at the USENIX LISA or Large Installation Systems Administration Conference.

Over the course of the last 14 years, I've been the system administrator for a diverse collection of machines, networking hardware, etc. Among the more interesting are:

Unix machines: Symmetry Dynix/ptx, AT&T System 5 Release 2, Perkin-Elmer 3230 (AT&T Version 7, Xelos, et.al.), Linux (I got into Linux about release 0.88), DEC Ultrix, Sun Microsystems (SunOS 4.0.1, Solaris 2.3, 2.4, 2.5)
DEC VAX/VMS, some ancient version about 3.7 or so.
IBM PC's & clones: IBM-DOS 4.0, MS-DOS 6.2 through 6.22, MS Windows 3.11, MS Windows 95, MS Windows NT (server and workstation)
Networking: Case/DCX Time division statistical multiplexor (X.25 system), TCP/IP (various), SNA (Microsoft SNA Server versions 3 and 4, IBM Communication Server)

Esker Inc., f.k.a. Teubner and Associates Inc.

From 1997 to 2000, I was a professional services represenative for Esker Inc., which I hired into as "Teubner and Associates, Inc.", but was later bought out. I worked on a very cool product called "Corridor - the Web to Host System". It allowed the non-stated WWW world to intact with old 3270 based host mainframe applications. It had a fairly straight forward, powerful, extensable scripting language underneath, called "AppTags" that controlled how the product converted the 3270 screen data into HTML for presentation to the WWW user. The same langugage controlled taking the response and applying it to the 3270 application. In that role, I was supporting four platforms, WindowsNT Server, 4.0, IBM OS/2 and AIX, and Sun Solaris 2.x. As most of these were things I'd dealt with in the past, it really wasn't a big stretch.

Some of the things that I helped to customize our product around include a number of applications for the City of New York, a couple of insurance applications, etc., but most of these are intra-net only.

After I left the company, the product was shelved. Some of the ideas live on, as most good ones do, in other products. Included are 'Pulse' by Esker Inc. and 'HostBridge' by Hostbridge Technology Inc..

Skills Gained

Over the years, I've become fairly fluent in several programming languages. Among the painful list are:

  • K&R C
  • ANSI and POSIX C/C++
  • awk
  • Bourne Shell
  • Forth
  • HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, etc.
  • 8080, 8085, Z-80, 8086, 68000, .... machine language

ASP, JavaScript, Perl, and the web have been more "recent" additions to my skill-set (maybe the last seven years or so). I have to say that up front, I am a card carrying, bonafided, disapprover of a certain software giant from the first...however, ASP isn't quite as evil as I once thought it was. I wouldn't give much for the rest of their product line, but that's just me.

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