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spacer The following are friends or acquaintances (in pseudo-alphabetic order) that I've come across in my various wanderings. Hopefully the links all still work. If they don't, or if you think a link to your site belongs here, feel free to contact me.

Carl Chipman is one of the folks in the local SCA chapter. His mother Gloria Chipman and I are members of OKC Beginning Experience.

Mary Curtis (and her hubby "Puck") are friends from within the local SCA chapter. I also worked with Mary at my previous job.

Bob Hamm is a fellow ASP coder, and interactive role playing aficionado, and movie-buff.

Kathy Legako's commercial web site. Kathy is doing the consultant thing now. We used to work together (and may yet again at some point).

Chris Schuerman, friend, trader, pilot, collector of companies.

Jennifer 'Moira' Smith and or her husband Russ Smith, are involved in the SCA, several muds and in the parenting thing these days. Russ also has a more creative side shown over on his writing web site.

Mark Vasoll, ex-boss, guru, pilot, diver, you name it.

Michael Wilson, web master extraordinary, friend. May he one day get a web page put up on this, his commercial web site. :-)

Gregg Wonderly, mad coder, model aircraft pilot.

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