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spacer Contained below are the list of those things that I use daily. Most, if not all, are free. Enjoy!

Button Studio This is the tool that made all of the buttons on my site. It is shareware, but is only $20. It does a wonderful job and I cannot image trying to do a personal or professional site without it.

ISTool Bjørnar Henden created a successor to "ScriptMaker" (below) called ISTool to assist in the creation of Inno scripts.
Russel Jordan Software Jordan Russel has created a public domain installer program (inno) for Win311/Win95/WinNT/Win2000 that is easily on par with InstallShield's InstallShield Express2.

Quick Menu Builder This is a really cool software package. It creates for you the "autorun.inf" type handlers used on virtually every CD/CD-R/CD-RW made commercially. It has options for proclaiming areas of your splash screen graphic as a button, has options for linking a click on those areas to actions (open file -- for README.TXT and the like, execute -- for an installer, etc.) All in all, a pretty cool freeware package.
Meta Wizard
This set of tools are all free. They allow you to (respectively) define Meta Tags (so your web pages find their way into the correct search engine categories), check your HTML tag usage (similar to a web validator), determine how fast it will take to download your web page from a web server over a given speed modem, to validate that a given web page's links are still functional, and to create installer scripts for Jordan Russel's inno.

Color Lab This is a visual color picking tool that is very nice. It limits you to the basic 216 web-safe colors and will allow you to multiply check different colors against different backgrounds with different color text.

Paint Shop Pro This is a good introductory level image creation tool that has room to expand. As your skill set grows, you can add in other affects, filters, etc. to meet your needs. I think it runs about $80.

HTML 4.0 Reference This is a tool for understanding how HTML works within various browsers. It doesn't appear to be up to date for Netscape 6.0, but does cover the bases very well.

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